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Telexy Healthcare announced today the introduction of several new products and new features for its Q-path family. The company introduced its cloud version of Q-path, Q-path Cloud, allowing users worldwide to take advantage of the most advanced, yet simple and intuitive, point-of-care ultrasound workflow solution. Q-path Cloud, powered by Windows Azure, makes it possible for ultrasound experts to provide consultation, training and assistance to new users of ultrasound anywhere in the world.

The company also introduced Q-link, the only product of its kind, providing intelligent connectivity solutions for point-of-care ultrasound. With Q-link, ultrasound exams can easily be transferred to the PACS with automatic separation of clinical / billable from educational exams , exam reports sent to the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), synchronize Q-path users with Active Directory (AD) or interface to the departments ADT system to minimize patient data entry on the ultrasound machine. In addition, Q-link provides a secure connection between your ultrasound systems and Q-path Cloud, completely automating the upload process.

In addition to Q-path Cloud and Q-link, Telexy Healthcare also introduced Q-list, a simple yet powerful DICOM worklist broker, eliminating the need for manual entry of patient information and study details on the ultrasound system. Q-list will connect with any ultrasound order generation or ADT system that supports HL7. Additional Q-path features include full integration of exam worksheets with Zonare, support for DICOM Structured Reports (SR), compatibility with the Philips CX50 study reports and the ability to customize your login screen.

“We will continue to innovate and provide point-of-care ultrasound users simple and intelligent solutions to manage ultrasound workflow”, said Don Nisler, CEO of Telexy Healthcare. “By forming partnerships with our customers and ultrasound vendors, Telexy Healthcare is focused on solving today’s workflow issues”.

Telexy Healthcare is a privately held, developing stage healthcare information technology provider headquartered in Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada, with an office in Seattle, Washington.