Telexy Healthcare Appoints Don Nisler as CEO | Telexy

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Telexy Healthcare announced today the appointment of Don Nisler as Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Nisler is a co-founder of the company and previously held the position of VP of Marketing and Business Development. Telexy Healthcare develops web-based software applications to help manage point-of-care ultrasound workflow, and recently introduced its cloud version, Q-path Cloud, of its flagship product Q-path. The company is focused on point-of-care ultrasound markets, including Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, Anesthesia and Musculoskeletal.

“We are focused on leveraging our technology in several point-of-care ultrasound markets that previously had limited solutions to manage workflow”, said Mr. Nisler. “By providing new solutions and addressing the workflow needs in these emerging markets, Telexy Healthcare expects to show steady growth and continued innovation over the next several years”.

Telexy Healthcare is a privately held, developing stage healthcare information technology provider headquartered in Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada, with an office in Seattle, Washington.