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Qpath for Clinical Ultrasound

Manage your workflow process

Simple. Streamlined. Clinical ultrasound workflow

Streamline your ultrasound workflow for clinically indicated exams performed at the point of care.

Simple Process

It has been well documented that point of care ultrasound is a valuable tool in managing patient care. However, it’s true potential can only be realized if the process to perform the exam, document results, and drop a charge for billing is simple to complete.


Minimize data entry on the ultrasound system and reduce errors

In a busy healthcare environment it isn’t practical to manually enter patient demographics. Qpath solves that issue. Either use a barcode scanner to enter the patient identifier on the ultrasound system and Qpath fills in the remaining patient demographics pulled from other hospital information systems.  Or use the Qpath worklist (Qlist) to pick an ultrasound order or patient name from the list on the ultrasound system.

Place ultrasound order – before, or after the exam is performed

In an Emergent case or when it is not known what exam will be performed, it is not possible or practical to place an order for the ultrasound exam before the exam is performed. With Qpath, an order can be placed before or after the exam is performed. Qpath reconciles the order to the exam without user interaction.


Document clinically indicated exams

Exam report templates can be customized to meet your specific needs. Report templates are designed using check boxes, radio buttons, drop down lists, and other rapid entry methods so you can quickly complete required documentation for the patient record and billing. Templates can be simple or complex and include an auto fill feature for default or negative conditions.


Easy and convenient to complete exam reports

Ultrasound exam report compliance improves when it is simple and fast to complete the report. Qview provides a means to document exam results using Qpath worksheets accessible on the ultrasound system or from the patient’s chart in the EMR.


Approve exam results

Bedside ultrasound usually includes a review and approval process when Residents or non-credentialed Attendings complete the exam and associated report. Qpath provides a simple, streamlined process to review and approve point of care ultrasound exams.


Separate training exams from clinically indicated exams

Typically training ultrasound exams are not included in the patient record. Qpath determines whether an exam is training or clinically indicated based on defined criteria and ensures that training exams are excluded from the patient record.


Transparency of exams results and images across institution

Once Qpath determines an exam is clinically indicated / billable, exam images are automatically transferred to PACS or VNA and the results/report are sent to the EMR (patient chart). This automatic transfer is triggered by the approval of a credentialed staff physician.



Qpath provides multiple workflows for managing technical and professional fee billing. Constructed billing documentation can be sent to the coders.


Secure storage for your ultrasound exams

Eliminate the need to store exams on a memory stick or external hard drive. Qpath provides a secure location to store all your clinically indicated and training ultrasound exams, making it easy to find any exam in seconds.