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Qpath for Hospitals

Point of care ultrasound programs

Hospital point of care ultrasound

Optimal solutions

Qpath benefits point of care ultrasound departments that would like to streamline their overall workflow. Ultrasound training, quality assurance, and credentialing are managed efficiently with Qpath.

Qpath is an Enterprise Solution

Manage point of care ultrasound for your entire institution. Start with one specialty and add others as the need arises.

Adult Emergency Medicine
Pediatric Intensive Care
Critical Care & Intensive Care
Internal Medicine
Pediatic Emergency Medicine
Labor and Delivery

Ready to start streamlining your point of care ultrasound workflow?

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Interface with all relevant healthcare information systems

  • Store and manage ultrasound exams
  • Document the results of the exam/procedure and send the results to the patient record (EMR)
  • Streamlined workflow whether exams are ordered or not
  • Separate clinically indicated exams from training exams and send appropriate images to PACS
  • Provide quality feedback via email
  • Drop charges for billing and send to your coders

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Q-path Interfaces for Hospitals

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