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Qpath for Urgent Care and Clinics

Streamline your ultrasound workflow with Qpath


Offering solutions for Urgent Care Center and Office-based ultrasound.


Image storage


Rapid exam reporting


Exam review and approval


Reports transferred to electronic medical record


Billing process management


Training & quality assurance management

Qpath for Emergent Care
Qpath for Obstetrics Clinic
Qpath for Veterinary Medicine
Qpath for MSK - Sports Medicine
Qpath for Private Clinics
Qpath for Pain Management

Cloud option

Eliminate the cost and headaches associated with installing and maintaining a server, exam storage and backup. Using Qpath Cloud, your data will reside in a secure Microsoft Azure data center. Data is automatically duplicated three times on difference servers to ensure “high availability” of your ultrasound data. Using Qpath Cloud, the need for local IT support is substantially reduced.

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