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Our Company

Telexy Healthcare is a Healthcare Information Technology company headquartered in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada, with an office near Seattle, Washington. We are focused on streamlining workflow in healthcare using flexible and intelligent software applications. Our mission and focus is to develop a family of software applications that improve workflow and productivity, reduce costs, reduce errors, improve information integration, and improve safety and compliance within the healthcare environment.

Telexy Healthcare not only provides solutions, but the expertise to ensure you are getting a solution that meets or exceeds your expectations. We are leading the charge in developing best practices workflows in areas of our expertise. This knowledge helps us solve your most challenging workflow issues when others may have failed.

Telexy Healthcare focuses on five areas within healthcare, but more specifically in point of care ultrasound:

  • Clinical workflow
  • Training and education
  • Analytics
  • Research
  • Teleconsultation


Our philosophy is to partner with you and work as a team to fully understand and solve your problems with innovative solutions that fit within your budget. We leverage the latest technologies to offer simple yet effective solutions that are easy to use and accessible from a multitude of computing devices and locations.

We understand that standard products do not always meet your needs, so our products are designed to be configured and customized to meet your particular workflow needs.


Your ideas. Our innovation.

Working together to advance healthcare delivery.

Mission Statement

To be the most successful Healthcare Information Technology company in the world at delivering solutions that solve workflow issues in healthcare and provide the best customer experience in markets we serve. In doing so, Telexy Healthcare will meet or exceed customer expectations for quality, innovation, adaptability, value-based pricing, individual, and company accountability, best-in-class service and support, superior corporate citizenship, and financial stability.