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Secure interface to Qpath Cloud

Secure interface to Qpath Cloud


Connect your ultrasound systems and information systems such as PACS and EMR to Qpath Cloud over a secure encrypted Internet connection. Qlink is a software application running on your Institution’s server or virtual machine and provides a secure SSL connection with the cloud server.



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Secure connection between your ultrasound systems and Qpath Cloud

Connects any ultrasound system that supports DICOM to Qpath Cloud. Exams automatically are upload to the cloud server. Qlink retains the exams for 7 to 60 days, eliminating missed or lost data should the Internet connection with the cloud server ever be interrupted. It continually retries to upload exams if the link to the cloud server is interrupted. Qlink can be programmed to transfer exams to your PACS or VNA directly from the ultrasound system based on predefined criteria such as a valid accession number and the exam is defined as clinically indicated and billable.




Qpath Cloud integrates with your hospital information systems

Qlink is your secure gateway between Qpath Cloud and your hospital information systems. From Qpath Cloud, send clinically indicated exams to PACS and exam reports to the EMR through Qlink. In addition, ADT messages and ultrasound orders flow to the cloud server through Qlink.