Q-path Plays a Role in Medical School Ultrasound Education | Telexy

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Medical students at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine perform ultrasound exams in classes and labs to enhance their learning in their first and second year anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, and introduction to clinical medicine classes. To document completion of ultrasound lab assignments and provide feedback on quality and accuracy of student images, the USC SOM uses the Q-path software that is located on a dedicated server inside the USC firewall. Q-path software is used to evaluate image quality with a report format that faculty have customized to their evaluation needs.

“Q-path has proven extremely useful in our efforts to incorporate ultrasound as an enhancement into students’ learning experience”, said Duncan Howe, PhD.

USC School of Medicine is also training primary care physicians in non-metropolitan areas of South Carolina to use ultrasound at the “bedside” in their practices. Training and access to on-going consultation during the learning process is the missing link for practicing physicians to effectively incorporate ultrasound into their busy practices. “Since on-site training is logistically difficult and allows only one or two training sessions per month, physician access to Q-path on a cloud server enhances the convenience and effectiveness of training and consultation”, said Duncan Howe, PhD.

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