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Qpath for Ultrasound Training and Quality Assurance

Streamline your workflow

Qpath streamlines ultrasound training and quality assurance workflow

The process for training Residents, Attending, and other Providers on the use of Ultrasound includes capturing ultrasound exams, documenting findings and interpretations, and reviewing and providing timely feedback. If the process to capture and store images, document results, review and provide feedback, and track results  is cumbersome, the quality of your ultrasound program may be compromised.

Training Exam Storage

Training ultrasound exams are generally not included in the patient record as they are not clinically indicated. As such, these exams should be excluded from storage in your hospital PACS or VNA . Qpath provides the ideal location to store all your training exams. Exams transfer to Qpath when you end the exam on the ultrasound system.


Documenting Training Exams

It is important to document ultrasound exam results, in addition to saving images, to get the complete picture for training exams. Qpath makes it easy with custom report templates that can be completed either on the ultrasound system or by logging into Qpath.


Split Exams into Multiple Exam Types

In most cases, when performing an ultrasound exam, all images are stored under one exam even though multiple anatomical structures may have been imaged. Qpath provides tools to quickly separate images into specified exam types with  the appropriate exam report templates.

Image Annotation

In a training program, placing annotation on an ultrasound image is useful for feedback. Qpath provides an easy method to place text and arrows on any ultrasound image.


Quality Assurance (QA) Process

Reviewing exams and providing relevant and timely feedback is critical for maintaining high quality training and effective quality assurance. If the process is cumbersome, quality suffers. Qpath simplifies the QA process. A custom QA worksheet makes it easy to provide high quality feedback. Feedback is emailed to the trainee using a HIPAA compliant PDF document. Dozens of exams can be reviewed in short order from one convenient screen.

Program tracking

Qpath includes comprehensive tracking using an integrated statistical package to help you manage your ultrasound program. Eliminate the need to manually record trainee progress. Track trainee exam quality using user configurable metrics.

Qpath Cloud

Cloud Option

Qpath Cloud provides an attractive alternative from a local server version of Qpath, especially for Medical Schools or Sonography programs teaching ultrasound. Integrate Qpath Cloud with your teaching curriculum and simplify the management and evaluation of your ultrasound exams. Create custom reports and assessment forms.