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Our ultrasound worklist

Automate data entry on your ultrasound system.

Improve workflow and reduce errors compared to manual data entry on the ultrasound system.

Manually entering patient demographics and study details on the ultrasound system is time consuming and often results in errors. With Qlist, patient and study details can be imported into the ultrasound system from an ultrasound order system (such as HIS/RIS) or an EMR system with a Radiology module. The worklist is accessible on the ultrasound system and an ultrasound order or patient can be selected from the list, automatically populating all required fields on the ultrasound system. The benefits are reduced errors, shorter time to start an exam, and overall improvement in workflow.

Enterprise class worklist server

There is no limit to the number of departments or ultrasound systems that can connect to Qlist. It can be programmed to communicate with your existing ultrasound order generation system using established HL7 protocols.


Flexible installation

Qlist is a simple application requiring minimal computing resources and can be installed on the same server or virtual machine as Qpath.

Integrate with Ultrasound Orders or ADT (admission) Systems

Sometimes it just isn’t convenient to place an order for the ultrasound exam before you perform the exam. Qlist can be configured to adapt to most ultrasound orders or ADT systems giving you the option to pre-order your clinically indicated exams.  


Order BEFORE the exam

An ultrasound Order can be placed before the exam is performed and selected on the ultrasound modality using Qlist.


Order AFTER the exam

If an order for your ultrasound exam has not been entered, the admission (ADT) system can be used to auto populate patient demographics on the ultrasound system using Qlist.