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Emergency Medicine of the Future Demonstrated at ACEP15:
“InnovatED” to Feature Emergency Simulations and Next Generation Technology

Boston — Demonstrations by nearly 60 companies of cutting-edge technologies and devices are being featured this week in Boston during the ACEP 2015 Scientific Assembly where more than 6,500 emergency physicians are discussing the preeminent issues in emergency medicine and participating in educational courses. 2015 InnovatED is presented by Actavis, athenahealth, and Janssen Pharmaceuticals and allows participants to tour medical innovations in a unique emergency medicine environment.

These best-of-the-best innovations are being showcased against a back drop of true-to-life emergency department displays, including three equipped trauma bays. Participants will experience the current thinking and best practices which encompass many of the daily life-saving activities in today’s emergency department. Each day during ACEP 2015, innovatED will also feature simulations of actual emergencies, including an active shooter scenario and emergency treatment of a stroke patient.

“When you bring the best minds in emergency medicine together with latest advancements in medical technology and technological achievement, what you really have is the emergency department of the future,” said ACEP President Jay Kaplan, MD, FACEP. “Emergency departments are the front lines of health care, and innovatED is an exciting place to see where emergency medicine is headed.”

Among the devices and technologies on display at innovatED: a demonstration of new simulation technology giving emergency physicians a highly realistic training environment in the treatment of cardiac emergencies; software offering a glimpse of what emergency departments will look like 50 years in the future; and a chest compression device which can sustain a patients’ blood circulation while emergency personnel tend to others during an emergency.

Telexy Healthcare (www.telexyhealthcare.com)
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Telexy at ACEP15 innovatED

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Emergency Medicine of the Future Demonstrated at ACEP15