Simple and Intelligent tools to help you manage ultrasound workflow
Introducing Q-path Cloud, the most advanced and secure cloud computing technology to help you manage your ultrasound program, and still maintain HIPAA compliance. Contact us for more information or see Q-path Cloud in action via a web demo.

Introducing Q-list, a programmable worklist broker designed for point-of-care ultrasound that eliminates manual entry of patient demographics and study details on the ultrasound system. Contact us for more information or request a Q-list web demo.

New Products and Features:

  • Q-path Cloud
  • Q-link enterprise connectivity engine
  • Q-list enterprise worklist broker
  • Q-taskman programmable task manager
  • Q-docman integrated document management tool
  • PACS, ADT and EMR Interfaces
  • Active Directory Interface
  • Worksheets integrated with Zonare
  • DICOM Structured Reports (SR)
  • Email a QA feedback report to your Residents
  • Customized login screen

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Ultrasound Workflow Manager
Advanced tool to help you manage all your ultrasound workflow needs including credentialing, quality assurance, teaching, research, billing, storage and more.

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Cloud-based Ultrasound Workflow Manager
Eliminate the need for a server, software and data backup. Get started by purchasing only the number of exams you need and retain all the benefits of an in-house server-based solution.

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Intelligent Enterprise Connectivity Engine
Separate clinical/billable and educational exams. Secure interface with Q-path Cloud. Interface to the PACS, ADT and EMR.

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DICOM Worklist Server / Broker
Reduce or eliminate manual entry of patient demographics and study details on the ultrasound system. Connect with any order generation system.